Bates Footwear has been supplying military boots to the U.S. Armed forces for over 50 years. Bates USMC Combat Boots come in several different models today. Holes in the back of the foot pad back there and then underneath on the bottom it’s worn down to the footbed. Cushioning and the Vibram tags are all gone this was supposed to be it was a virus so so they’re worn down flat. This is two years of average wear from marching so there’s no real active duty going on here. Next week, I’m going to take them shooting a few times but the other still comfortable but I can see that they’re going to fall apart in the next year. So there’s no problem and you get two and a half years out of normal use out of them. I also added into this because I like to be able to get them on and off. So in turn, let’s go to the Bates USMC Combat Boots wich is the top pick of the U.S Marine Corps and a text and I didn’t say these things to go wrong with them he started feeling bad. So the Bates back down again taking a walk so

Bates USMC Combat Boots: Built Tough for Marines

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