The Rocky S2V boots have always been a step above other jungle boots out there. Now Rocky Footwear has enhanced it with a puncture proof fabric and this great model features it’s coyote brown, made in the USA, and uniform compliance metal hooks. Other features include ankle stability and an embedded thorn shield across the band polyurethane sole technology on this group instead of just standard drainage holes. For a well valued military boot model, the S2V military boot pushes water out as you walk to your feet dry faster. It’s not waterproof but permeable fabric allows this boot to provide extra safety resistance for additional protection.  Other soldiers may stare when you walk when they see what was the shape of breakdown stitched and cemented sole. This boot’s got some great comfort features including a moisture wicking lining that fights sweat. A microbe bacteria shield will fight odor.  Several comfort features include Rockys Airport footbed and specially designed so that it won’t lose its shape or break down during military training or operations. Try a pair of Rocky S2V boots and they’ll say on their website whether they’re made in Logan, Ohio or overseas. Exactly like this a little bit more money that has the Gore-Tex liner when is quite a bit even when it was really cold out. I thought maybe I was going to need extra socks or something with this being a hot weather boot but I wasn’t sure how comfortable they be in the cold. It really comes down to is there a fantastic liner that they have. I really wish the foot moisture away to increase comfort in my lower legs and feet like in the Rocky 1073 boot. I said I’ve been wearing these everywhere all the Vibram tread is an interesting trade. You can see that it doesn’t seem to hold any dirt which I really like. The one downside with you I come in from a replaceable insole. A little bit of damp weather and they will send a whole pair of wool socks. Deployments to the Afghanistan desert with this design means the military boots aren’t quite as a slip resistant. I found out in the house and stuff with the boxes the design on the bottom you know but this tiny little shopping. A smaller tread allows you to get good traction when it’s icy out and I did notice that. I sat around a little bit when I wear these out the snow and ice I’ve noticed so far it looks like in Israel. You can see that some of the battle is dark and in the end it really doesn’t affect me too much. It would be nice if Rocky S2V Boots introduced with this is what they call the speed lock system you should be able to pull and falls on their website the offering I sing the solo did is actually have small wheels on pins

The Rocky S2V Boots in Jungle Coyote Brown

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