This tutorial is  to explain how to polish your military and police boots along the stress lines of the boots for you step. This is because it lasts longer and more durable in hot weather conditions and polish your boots.  Using an old t-shirt or an under the contract to the Polish real horse hair brush has no dirt in it who is one course get your book and make sure it’s clean.  With have no dust no dirt nothing on it so get your brush clean it off military boots are polished already and I’m just making a video to show you guys how to Army and Air Force soldiers actually start operations and deployments. Starting on your boots so they recommended before you even start to apply polish doing so where we get it a hot rag and get the leather nice and moist mixing that are easy to work with. To open up the pores and the letter make it easy to work with and he’s going to take the boot polish I suggest you do that first for you any justice personal and get your shoe polish. Open it up I get my ride Kiwi Boot polish Your Finger like this itself is flat it’s completely flat start so you can start in circles.

How to Spit Shine Military Boots

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