Military boots play an important role and have and a special place in American history. War moccasins worn by soldiers more than two hundred and twenty-five years ago to the smooth and polish military jump boots of today. Soldier wet weather Gore tex waterproof boots have more space and ability to trample, jump, and charge over rough terrain. They have taken military soldiers over rocks and water and wore the boots of the Army and Air Force soldiers. They’ve played an important part in wartime locations such as Shiloh, St Luzon, Omaha Beach, Sean St George’s, and Panama City to Kuwait City to name just a few.  Wearing boots, U.S. soldiers have fought wars on horses,  police have rescued civilians and died with honor as soldiers removed from bodies with amputated legs. Military boots have protected soldiers from mines when or what the mission in army non-commissioned officer was there. The New Balance desert light 8-inch military boot comes in desert tan and possibly black as well that’s kind of the standard color. This is a brand new take on the traditional military jungle boots and are surprisingly breathable. That means they’re very versatile I’ll get it in a second the fact that the shoe laces are 550 cord. For those of you who don’t know 550 cord is military paracord and is very durable. These military boots are not just going to fall apart and tear because they are made of durable nylon cordura and leather. In a military survival situation can always take this 550 cord out and use it to survive. These boots are designed to stand up to any type of destruction that the military could throw at it. I believe at a time they’re were actually designed for military army soldiers in Afghanistan. But at some point New Balance decided not to manufacture them or something like that. Designed for hot weather environment of Afghanistan, military personal actually do purchase them and use them. Because of how durable they are military boot manufacturers design some of the most lightweight material available on the market today. These feature a shock absorbing outsole along with the various lightweight nylon mesh panels. These definitely helps during long marches and rucks. I’d like to talk about how comfortable they are. I put my feet in these I’ve been wearing them everyday now. They are easy to take them off. It is very kind of quick and this is little loose and all you do is stick your foot inside of the boot. You make sure this boot laces are tight and just pull both ends. These boots tie up very quick. They are especially good for military personnel who need to get on the boots really quickly. Personally they are easy to get on in the morning and I don’t have to sit there.

The History of Military Boots in America

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