The Bates Delta 8 Boot is one of the flagship models for 2016 released by Bates footwear. Whether you’re in the military special forces or in today or you’re doing the mission,  this is what soldiers are looking for. Made out of this tough leather and shoe laces of the left is it a different color. It comes with a waterproof bootie and is sweat proof. There’s a rubber tag indicating that it is waterproof. One thing I did notice was the tough leather used in the Bates Delta 8 Boot. Bates Footwear has always been a leader in military and law enforcement boots and is always thinking of ways to improve the durability. This performance boot comes in two versions, a 6 inch and an eight inch version which I have here. The 6-inch boot comes in only one color desert tan.  The 8-inch who comes in 4 colors black, tan coyote, and sage green for USAF personnel. At military boot retailers,  the Bates Delta 8 Boot is somewhere around $140 but we think after you try them out for a bit you’ll agree that it was money well spent. I think of them as a cross between super lightweight boots and running shoes. They are excellent for warm climates and soggy terrain as are composed of mostly dry synthetic materials. They have a few ventilation and drainage holes it all together to allow the boot to wick water effectively. They’re also extremely flexible thanks to their boot soles which are separated into three parts. They are nearly completely independent one another with a better range of motion. A puncture resistant four-foot repels special nails and other sharp objects.  The second thing that I want to talk about is the low price point of these excellent tactical boots that are great for military or police forces.

The Bates Delta 8 Boot: Worth the Money?

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