Tactical Research Boots have grown to be some of the most popular footwear on the market amongst military and law enforcement. How bout survivalists? For hot weather, I just want to show it to everyone out there that you know there’s not a lot of people out there that dislike reviews on boots. Several military units that I know of or that I’ve seen on YouTube so they go guys Tactical Research boots by Belleville boots. So you guys like it if it comes up peace soldiers in Iraq and walked in it that much. I need to know I don’t think there’s any break in time for the boots because I mean it’s not like hard material. It’s like soft right here but it’s harder for certain tool box but here inside this is where I really want to test out the boots. Right here and the heel cushioning I want to check that out because it’s a very important for officers to be standing out there all day 12 hours duty shifts. To do wear these with a uniform it comfortable these are actually believe you put your laces in. I think that’s a great feature and will perform well in the desert for survival. I’m just trying free pairs of boxing for some boots that I picked up at the REI store. I need some new boots besides I might run through us like it’s nothing. So I guess the new tech boots from Tactical Research ain’t bad. A hundred nine bucks I mean good quality great material and it’s on the armor. So great ventilation system do they have in their shoes and in their boots. So if you’re having a good week and survival gear shopping is crazy maybe this could be a gift for you for your husband your father. Or a cousin a brother or sister that’s in the military law enforcement department Homeland Security and anything that has to do any security. For example, something like paint balling or anything like that but demands high quality footwear.

Tactical Research Boots for Desert Survival

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