Rocky rkc050 boots have a history of being the best combat boots a soldier can wear. As a drill sergeant, we have out there in this category of military gear.  Hot weather requires cooling and comfort and the matching category and is the opposite of  in bare feet ultimate and that’s one of them. Actually Bates boots start what makes a boot a Mac sauce combat boot. It starts really with the technology that were using in the midst all you can see this is very so it’s much thicker than typical boots. You will see the benefit of that a lot of the midsole leads to better shock attenuation. We’ve tested the marketplace some from our Army troops are kind of using the United States military. Improving shock attenuation this is a standard military combat boot it is required to have a minimum of eighteen laces. Decelerating force in the heel and 14 pages of decelerating force in the forefoot now what are Rocky rkc050 boots have a midsole technology. Soldiers are utilizing the 18 we are down to 7.8 pictures of comfort that’s very mechanically means. You’re just not going to feel the shock of all day wearing these military boots. Deplyments to Afghanistan wearing these boots most of the law enforcement officers who will wear these are people that have a load they’re carrying their gun. They add another 20 25 30 pounds associated with an average Street officer is going to take a lot of that weight off. That is really going to refresh the feed in the ankles and knees. Which is one of the keys to match most military footwear is this thing foot bed. Its superior shock absorption and shock attenuating characteristics another is the height standing on called stack height. I have a cutaway of Rocky rkc050 boots. I’d like to show you here you can see for most of the industry in here in the four foot we have about a 6 millimeter drop. Aword in the 27 to 28 millimeters of Stack height for foot and 27 21 that is an extraordinary cushioning and all of it is there for the comfort of the wear.Another advntage is ankle stabilization would like for you to know that if you look at the rocky boot midsole technology from the outside. It’s almost 2 inches in height 50 millimeters but look there’s about a 10 millimeter drop that goes where your foot actually sits on top of the outsole. That’s very important because that creates a belly down space that your foot sits in a type of cradle and it really improve ankle stability and reduces the chance of sprained your ankle. That means if we ball series extremely stable by widening the platform that it’s on this is about 10 millimeters wider across the ball of your foot so you’re on a very stable platform. Your foot is sitting down inside of this cushioning so it creates a great deal of protection as well as comfort. We are offering the max in three different styles and I’ve been showing you the 8-inch side zip non-waterproof boot. There’s a few other features that are worth mentioning in this combat boot line we did not skimp on the upper all over talking mostly about the technology associated with with the midsole canning.
Rocky RKC050 Boots: A Soldiers Best Friend

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