Rocky military boots have had a long history of being used in the operations of the U.S. Army. Many boot models are are famous for applications in southeast Asian countries such as Vietnam which was used extensively in the this hot area when many of these countries went to war. Many civilians and soldiers acquired that could extremely well hymn army soldiers where mud hand where.  Military jungle boots performed extremely well in muddy environments such as Panama with large ripping logs did extremely well at providing traction on and slippery surfaces. United States Army contracted with Rocky Boots to produce over 50,000 pairs of these military boots hot weather jungle boots for use. B Spears worth issued to soldiers who Museum simply family quick dry with two side in step vent holes designed to wick moisture and promote air flow in hot weather climates. Here we have the rocky s2v boot enhanced jungle boot Always Been A Step Above other jungle boots out there and now Rocky military boots have enhanced it with a snake proof dough great features it’s cloudy Brown made in the USA and uniform compliance metal hooks. ankle stability and an embedded Thorn Shield across the band SUV Sim technology on this group instead of just standard drainage holes. A key feature is the permeable leather which is breathable and pushes water out as you walk to your feet dry faster that’s not proof tool box to provide extra safety resistance for additional protection they stare when you walk what was the shape of breakdown stitched and cemented got some great comfort features including a guy likes lining that fight sweat and energy is microbe Shield to fight odor. The future of insoles is the Rocky Airport footbed and specially designed so that it won’t lose its shape or break down.

Rocky Military Boots for Army Operations

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