Belleville Boots was selected to be the issue boot for all military recruits entering the U.S. Army. Belleville men’s military boots are the top of their class when it comes to performance and quality for Army and Air Force soldiers.  I did take some time to deal with the boot laces so I can give you an army boot with the soles. Many of their boot models are easy to get on and off in sensitive environments in Belleville shoe uses quality construction. For example,  the tongue is a nice full grain leather  that’s water-proof the boots that looks good while you’re in training or operations. A rubber lug outsole that give you traction and this out so they last a long time looking for a duty but that’s easy to where you’re really going to like this one Gore Tex Boot. Belleville boots are made of full grain cowhide leather with big thick Cordura fabric panels. These Boots are not going to go out on you. I’ve had these months now and they still pretty much like brand-new. I wear them 75 percent of the time and I rotate them out with some other boots. But these are my main work, play, go out, and everything boots. Now let’s go back to the top of the boot I’ve been wearing for 60 days now. I must say this is the fastest lacing system to get these on and fully lace them up. Also, all the time in Florida and if anybody knows Florida we get some wet weather. I never have gotten my feet wet even going down here. The only time I’ve gotten my feet wet is walking through rivers or walking out on the beach. When you bring the water level up higher than obviously the drain holes. I know if you can be able to see because I don’t have any light and I can be able to see right there. The drain holes are not covered up and drain rather quickly. Belleville boot sizing is a little bit large and my boots have got sawdust all over them. The insoles don’t look like much but that is an amazing bit of arch support. It really doesn’t look like a whole lot but that’s a hell of a lot of heel. Comfortable is what I call these footbeds but they’re obviously removable if you need to take them off. On a scale 1 to 10 on arch support these are at 10 and high arches you know you require orthotic inserts. These Belleville Boots are really comfortable boots. The outsole is removable and replaceable if you have your favorite footbed that you like you have. The polyurethane obviously on the outside leather and I never face again. Let’s talk about the quality of the leather quality is amazing. It matches all right I’ve got another boots with the color desert tan. The colors are the same all the way around and if there’s any discoloration it’s the weather. The nylon fabric is amazing I don’t see really any wear and I walk on average four miles a day at work. On concrete and sidewalks these Belleville military boots are going to hold up and last forever. The quality of the stitching is right on par and are some spots where I don’t know. You can see right here the heel is not really lined up. The quality is top-notch it is American made and awesome.


Belleville Boots: The Army’s #1Boot

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