For the last 60 years, Altama military boots have made a name for themselves. The U.S. Air  Force issued a notice last month with the uniform update that soldiers will start wearing the sage green boot to enlisted and deploying military beginning in the fall. The issue boots are an update to the Airman Battle Uniform or ABU. Soldiers travelling to Afghanistan have been wearing the ALTAMA boot since 2041.

However, the Air Force has updated the leather upper to make sure the boot is lightweight and waterproof. USAF officials said it will take until 2018 to issue every Air Force soldier with the newly designed waterproof boots. Until then, troops are authorized to wear the Air Force Combat Boot.

Soldiers have notified military leadership that they were not allowed to wear Altama military boots because of problems with regulation footwear. These boots would not stand up to the punishment of hot weather environments of the Persian Gulf. Marine officials have reported that information and have improvements. The fast drying ALTAMA boots will feature a Vibram outsole for extended traction in dirt and sand and will enable the laces to last longer. The suede cowhide upper that attaches to the EVA midsole will also be upgraded with a more comfortable foam version.

However, with the emergence of ALTAMA Air Force boots comes an increase in price for military soldiers that are new to the military. The uniform compliance will only allow the wear of official boots for military ceremonies and with the Airman Battle Uniform or ABU. The service life of the Altama Foxhound boot will increase,” the Air Force memo stated.

Altama military boots are designed for military deployments, according to Air Force leadership. In fact, the Air Force had discussed to upgrade of the sage green boot with the ALTAMA boot several years ago. However, Airman found the ALTAMA boots made by Belleville were not military compliant. Boot tongues were falling apart and the quality insoles from issued clothing supply were not meeting military standards. The Air Force had to reissue 10,000 pairs of boots made by Belleville Shoe.

Consequently, the Air Force had to provide a competing contract to Altama Footwear, the first supplier of the Vietnam jungle boot, to get boots to deploying units. The Air Force had investigate the contract award and select the best hot weather boot in 2014 that Belleville won even though Altama was already making the military desert boot for soldiers fighting in Serbia and Iraq.

Air Force Leadership Selects Altama Military Boots

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